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Embrace your inner disaster

Posted on May 07 2018

Embracing your inner disaster!

Come on, lets be real. We ALL have one! 

A successful day/week for me looks like, sleeping in until 6am on a Sunday...yes that is sleeping in for me, bags under my eyes, my hair a disheveled mess, working on my business 7 day a week all hours of the day, tired body and mind and constant daily goal setting and filling up the calendar for the next week.

I always wake up expressing gratitude for living another day with an open and loving heart. 

Although I am nowhere close to where I want to be, I will never stop until I get there and along the way you can be most certain I'll keep adding more and more goals on my plate. No matter how tired you are, keep going the distance because you too can achieve all your dreams and goals. 

Ask yourself each day: What are my goals, what can I do today to be better than yesterday and improve tomorrow before it gets here. 




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