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Fitness isn't just a destination, it is a lifelong journey and process

Posted on May 07 2018

The first step is having the right mentality, finding the motivation, having realistic expectations and a commitment that will last a lifetime. 

I didn't get to where I am today by a magic pill or a 90 day workout plan. Do those workout plans help along the way? HECK YES they do. I simply incorporated 20 min to an hour of fitness into my day and treated it like a "job" so I HAD to show up every day or suffer the consequences and fall behind. I never gave myself an excuse to not show up.

I had no expectations other than wanting to be and feel healthier so I found some guidance, went along for the ride and took it day by day. 

What I did know, is I felt so good inside and didn't want to ever let that feeling go. That alone was motivation to see how far I could push myself. 

At the end of the day (unless you are training for something specific), it doesn't matter what workout you do, how strong you are or how you look aesthetically. What matters is getting your body moving and out of its resting state. It was put here to move, to be healthy, to give it what it deserves. 

I can promise, you won't just change on the outside when you make it part of your life, the biggest change comes from within in the most incredible ways. 

Pic left: 102 lbs soaking wet, insecure and low self esteem

Pic right: 135 healthy, confident and happy

Before and after


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