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The Busy Mom

Posted on April 30 2018

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That busy mom life and how we need to take care of ourselves first to be better for everyone else around us.

I GET IT! Being a mom can have its ups and downs. We do everything from, taking care of a household, running kids back and forth to school, practices, cooking, dishes, laundry, helping with homework, grocery shopping, errands, paying bills, working (if we are a working mom), let’s throw on somehow making it to the gym while we are still in our pj’s halfway through the day and maybe haven’t even had time to shower yet. Then EAT? What’s that?  You mean I have to somehow fit in foods in between the chaos of my day that starts at the crack of dawn and by the time I finally sit down on the couch to relax and wind down and take some time for myself I can’t because my eyes won’t stay open and now I have to go to bed only to wake up and do it again! Then there’s those nights where your child reminds you at bedtime they have a HUGE project due……TOMORROW and well there goes my sleep because I am staying up all night to finish the project so my kid can get an A. Then, it’s the weekend! FINALLY a little R&R for mom…HA just kidding because it doesn’t stop on our weekends, now there’s hours of sports games, tending to the household, catching up on time you lost during the week and then…..your  HAIR, you’ve realized you haven’t washed your hair in days. Now it’s Sunday night, time to pack lunches, prep for the week and start it all over again.

Does this sound like you? Maybe some is true or you have even more to do.


This is my life, 3 boys in the house 6, 11, 16 two dogs and my other half. Working 7 days a week on my business and up until the beginning of 2018 solely owned and ran a business with hundreds of people filtering through daily, a handful or two of employees, 7 days a week that consumed every waking hour on top of that!

Would I change it for the world? NOT A CHANCE! I have just learned a few things along the way.

In this program, I just want to give you a better sense of eating and create a healthy balanced lifestyle that you can maintain with a busy schedule, find the time to cook easy recipes and HOME workouts that will take 15-30 min of your time tops.

Here’s what I want you to do.

 BE SELFISH! Although you really aren’t being selfish, I need YOU to put YOU first. The second you learn how to do that, I PROMISE you that you will be a better person to not only your family, but everyone else around you. It took me years to figure that out and once I did, WOW did it change things for me.

My brick and mortar business of 9 years was a fitness facility. I opened it as a single mom of a 1 year old and had it running 9 years strong…….and as life got more hectic, I’m sitting back thinking “I own a gym and I can’t even find the time to workout FOR ME”. Here you are, helping everyone else around you which you absolutely love doing, but then you start not feeling good about yourself, getting anxious, maybe even a little emotional, more stressed and it just all goes downhill from there.

Now is it like that all the time? No, but it happens frequent enough that you start losing yourself and who you are at the core.

Tons of books, self-reflection and time later, I came to the realization that as selfish as it sounds I need to put ME first and once I did that I changed the course of my life for the better.

Putting aside time for YOU is crucial to a healthy balanced lifestyle. You will not only feel better about yourself, be happier, have more energy, even maybe be grateful for that laundry pile building up because you smile knowing that is the laundry of your loved ones and they are the core of your life.

The BIGGEST part of finally putting you first? You are going to be a much BETTER person to everyone else around you because what you do and show from the inside out reflects everyone else around you.

Ok, Kara that sounds great but HOW do I do this? I don’t have time.

I used to tell myself the exact same thing, but you do. You MAKE the time even if it means getting up 30-60 minutes earlier while everyone else is asleep (which I am doing right now as it’s still dark outside on a Saturday morning and everyone is sound asleep, to type this).


Take that time to either meditate, write out your goals, workout, make your favorite breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee in silence, take a bath…whatever it is, utilize that time for something for YOU and YOU alone. Guarantee after your family rises, you are going to great them with more pep in your step and have a great attitude to start the day.

There are times where I will tell my kids or the family in the nicest most sincere way when I feel overwhelmed or just need some “me” time, “Mom needs 30 minutes of quiet time, I’ll be in my room, there’s snacks in the kitchen and play quietly, I’ll come see if you need anything in 31 minutes”. You will learn and grow getting more time for yourself as time goes on, will every day be perfect? HECK no, we are still moms! But will it be better? 100% YES!

I can go on forever about tips and tricks to save time for you, but let’s keep it simple just like the simple exercises and simple EASY to make low time consuming delicious recipes included in this program.

Start taking care of yourself by eating healthy and implementing a quick and easy workout program. Just this alone is your gateway into leading a healthier life for YOU.

Within the program you will find my 10-day detox guideline.

This is optional so you can skip right to the meal plan and recipes, but if you can swing it, I can tell you on the other side you will gain more clarity, mental focus, more energy, feel better, look better and all that alone will not only help you but inspire those around you.

The recipes are easy to make, easy to follow and depending on your family size double or quadruple the recipes. They may fight you at first for feeding them differently, but remember they will adapt just like you and now you save time of not cooking differently for you than you would the family (more time saved)!

 Head on over to my program catered to "The Busy Mom" and give yourself the gift of health.

Now for the fun stuff!! Good luck, trust and enjoy the process and if you ever need to reach out I absolutely love to help and talk you into gaining and keeping momentum going and tell you how I do it every day.  Reach out anytime at


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