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When you struggle to workout

Posted on May 10 2018

Keep your coffee strong and your workouts stronger.......

Or not.

My coffee has been strong,  but I have been struggling on my workouts. To some that know or follow me along my journey it may still look intense, but to me, knowing what I am capable of, it is FAR from. 

As humans, we are constantly evolving, growing, changing.

When I set a goal, I will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Once I do, and I've gone through days or months of intense workouts and hit that end result I sometimes crash. I don't want to step foot into a gym for days, weeks or even a month & struggle to figure out what the heck is going on with me and my body. l

For me, this is always post competition, whether it be CrossFit, bodybuilding or something else. For others, maybe its a marathon, triathlon or intense sport. 

What I have finally learned, is that it is completely OKAY to rest, its OKAY to take time off. You often don't realize how much energy, emotion and mental capacity those goals you were working on do to your body until you find yourself in a slump, sitting on the couch wondering what happened to my routine? WHY is it so hard to force myself to go workout? When I get there, I don't want to workout and immediately want to turn around and go home. WHAT is wrong with me? THIS isn't me and constantly beating yourself up about it.

The good news (years and tons of competitions later, I just found out) that there is absolutely nothing wrong! Your body just needs to rest itself, rest & recover to get it regulated back to normal from the intense sh*& you just put it through the few months before. Your normal 1-2 days rest CAN be longer, take a week, or a few weeks even.

My point, the human body is an incredible vessel, but we can also traumatize it. For me, I physically traumatized it which created a ripple effect mixed with hormones, emotions and mental barriers.

Once you realize, its not you it is literally your body just crying out PLEASE let me rest, give me some time, it makes so much sense.

REST is okay, but until you get your exercise routine on again ALWAYS make sure to keep your diet clean. 



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