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Mind Body Heart Soul 

Nutrition & Wellness Coach.

Empowering individuals through personal health starting from within.

1:1 Consultation Call PLUS everything below.

$129.00 $300.00

This package includes all of the listed below from #1 PLUS

  • One on One Strategy Coaching Call (60 Min)
  • Includes:
    • Mindset Coaching
    • Goal Setting
    • Releasing your struggles and finding your personal clear path to health.
  • Post Call Custom outline for you to take control of your body once and for all 

    Total Value over $500

    What is the best "Diet" for me? Truth is, there is no one size fits all. The best way to go about a diet is try one for 30-60 days and see how your body reacts. In this package I am giving you EVERY program I have including home and gym workouts so you can test them out and find YOUR Sweet spot.

    This is for both men and women..


    • KETO GUIDE (My custom version that works better than and takes out the confusion that what you've seen out there and everything you need to know to start your Keto journey) - 4 Weeks. Including:
      • Shopping List
      • The How's and Why's
      • How to track macros
      • 45+ Lunch & Dinner Recipes
      • 30+ Breakfast Recipes
      • Complete guideline and steps to ensure you are on the right path. 
      • Vegetarian & Pescatarian Friendly
      • Free FB Community to share your victories, meals, progress, journey.
      • Complete 4 week nutrition & weight loss program
      • Learn to shed fat through foods
      • Step by step guideline on how you will feel and what to expect each day
      • Complete itemized shopping list
      • 10 Day Detox (without any calorie restrictions)
      • 3 weeks of new meal plans 
      • 3 weeks of new recipes
      • The do's & don'ts with all you need to know of why we eat certain foods & the effects of those foods
      • Free FB Community to share your meals, progress, photos and more.
      • Also includes 8 weeks of additional meal plans and recipes
      • Also includes 8 weeks of additional meal plans and recipes 
    • BONUS:
    • All my guides answering every question and ensuring you are on the path to success!
      • Don't Fear the Fat (FREE)
      • Keto In A Nutshell (FREE)
      • Keto Alcohol List (FREE)
      • Holiday Survival Guide (FREE)
      • Keto Hype or Home Run (FREE)
      • 4 Rules of Balancing Protein on Keto (FREE)
      • 5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes (FREE)
      • Sweet Treats & Pizza (FREE)
      • Restaurant Survival Guide (FREE)
      • Snacks (FREE)
      • 9 Rules of Keto (FREE)
    • Discount to my personal brand of PCR Hemp Oil