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“The 🗝 to true transformation is connecting spiritually w/your body & mind”

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About Me

Hi I am Kara and I am here to educate, inspire and help you overcome all of your diet struggles, fears and obstacles, clearing a path in your

Mind - Body - Heart - Soul

So you can live your full potential in your healthiest life, feeling  and looking amazing!

I work with thousands of people from around the world on changing the way they've thought about food, exercise, nutrition and just creating a better sense of well being and healthier lifestyle.

I serve people who:

  • Need help with weight loss, understanding what food really is and the impact it plays on our bodies and mind.
  • Are struggling to make a complete change and either don't know where to start, struggle with starting or haven't found the "right" way that works for them. 
  • Who wish they could be the best version of themselves, kick bad habits, create new habits, transform their life like they have never thought possible. 
  • Desire to achieve goals they thought where always out of reach and maybe just don't know how to achieve them alone. 
  • Who are into creating the body and mind they have always wanted or strived to have. 
  • Who want to grow into the most incredible human being ever imaginable. Not just by proper eating, but physically, mentally, to become a mentor and inspiration to others. 

I started out on this journey as new mom wanting to shed some MUCH over wanted baby weight and the rest is history. I've spent over a decade learning the in's and outs of fitness, nutrition, health and well being including owning an amazing fitness facility being able to help thousands. The passion continues to grow every single day!

If you are ready to learn more or have questions, you may email me direct at