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“The 🗝 to true transformation is connecting spiritually w/your body & mind”

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"I haven’t shared my “why” yet, but I felt like I should share my “why” today. (Sorry this is a longer post). Two years ago, this last weekend, I had a Stroke at the age of 33. This is one of my biggest reasons why I joined this group. The other reason is because my mom (and Jon D's) was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia at the age of 56, and well. . . . . I want to be as healthy with my brain, for as long as I can. A BIG part of why I’m doing this diet/group is for my brain health, and to try to avoid dementia and another stroke all together or for as long as I possibly can.

My whole goal from the beginning of this journey was to eat healthy, stick to the keto diet, and move around more than I have been able to.             I feel like I’ve been able to do that. I may not be the fastest in exercises, but I feel like I’m a winner already!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU and finally give you my WHY today. A BIG thank you to @Jon D. for always caring and bringing me to Kara’s Group!                                                                                                   Thank you, Kara Leigh, for your powerful group & helping change lives! And to everyone else here who supports & helps lift each other up!   Keep on spreading the word about Kara, her groups, & this lifestyle. There may be someone out there that is needing this group to benefit them in their life! You never know who you might help save and better their life!

I feel like I was saved & I feel like I’ve already won. Always Try Your Best/Hardest & Never Give Up! Those words are what have gotten me through all of this!" - Natalie



"I too am mainly doing Keto because of it amazing Brain Benefits. 🧠
I too had a stroke 4 years ago at 32 y/o and can now say that I’ve had a complete “physical” recovery however I have been struggling with
my brain, mainly my memory deficits along with cognitive thinking skills. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I have started this journey in hopes that this helps my brain and body.
Its working!
I have HOPE for more improvements as I continue on this path.
I’m so happy that this group helped you as much as it has helped me! 💜
Thank you Kara Leigh!!! 💜


"Everybody's body reacts differently to foods. I've been struggling to find my balance especially with all my allergies to foods. I finally decided to give keto a try. Not on my own though, through Kara. I'm doing it healthy, not eating a pound of bacon a day. My energy through the detox phase has been amazing. Feeling AMAZING! Thank you Kara for showing me how to eat a healthy balanced diet and also for answering all our groups questions but most importantly helping me feel AWESOME! I lost 6lbs during the 10 day detox alone and only on week 2!" - Jamie W.


"Since starting the 10 day detox alone I have lost 8 pounds! It's been easier than thought, I eat more times a day than ever, I feel clean and lighter and my skin even looks brighter! I get compliments at the gym where people noticed I lost weight even in only 10 short days. But best of all, since I am eating healthy my family is eating healthier!"  - Cindy B.


"I've been able to wear clothes I have saved for when I lost weight. I've lost 7 pounds in less than 10 days and its only week 2. Cant wait to see how much more I lose!" I feel GREAT, thank you!- FC


"Thank you Kara! It's amazing what changes can happen in only 10 short day! I lost a total of of 10 pounds so far. I didn't know 100% what I was getting into if it was juicing or lemon water. I was so grateful to be able to eat REAL food and have the guidance from Kara to learn how to eat clean. My energy levels have been fantastic!  I'm excited to continue my path with Kara!" - Jon D.


"Kara, since starting your program I can't believe how much healthier I have felt! It's funny how easy your body transitions right after clearing it from all the unhealthy food that we as a society consume. It's also funny that there are so many healthy options available to use that we overlook! After just a few days, its obvious that it actually takes no additional effort. Order food, order healthy. Cook food, cook healthy, its that simple. 5 lbs and inches lost in just 10 days. Cannot wait to see what the full 8 weeks brings! Much Love!"  - Tiffany M.


"Since starting the 8 week challenge with Kara I have lost weight, lost inches and gained tons of energy. As a full time working mom of a 2 year and 3 month old, I wasn't sure how I would be able to handle the clean eating as well as having to actually cook but with Kara's lists recipes and helpful hints, I have been able to do it all! During the 10 day detox alone I shed 5 lbs without even entering the gym. My husband lost 10lbs the first 10 days! As I continue through this challenge I know I will continue to learn the right way to eat so I can fuel my body and be a healthier and happier mom for my girls. Thank you Kara! "- Sandie V.


"Kara, this program has done wonders for myself and my husband. It's been a life changer. The program has been easy to follow and if I don't understand something, I have that support system to help. There are days I want to cheat but I don't because I will only be cheating myself and everyone in the program. I now have been given new tools in my daily life on how to eat and pick my foods, especially a greater understanding of my own body.  After the detox, I was able to put certain foods back into my body and see which ones didn't agree on what I thought in the past was "healthy"." Thank you Kara! - Celeste M.


"I feel amazing since the 10 day detox! I've lost 7 pounds in that time alone and have more energy than ever! More than the weight loss and energy, I can see a difference in the Mirror!" - Jacque P

"Since starting the detox I am down 3lbs but more importantly than a number on the scale I can SEE a difference in my body and feel so much better. Way less bloated and definitely more energized, even my skin is thanking me.  Its fun to see the changes and can't wait to see what the next weeks bring! It's also a huge thrill seeing my hubby and friends at the gym dropping pounds like its nothing just by eating better with me. My workout partner is down 10 and my husband is down 8 and that is simply because they are eating better foods instead of junk. Love it!" - Kali C

 Before/After - Nutrition Challenge 

"Okay guys here I am..taadaa😁 Trusting the process, I came in weighing 157,Current weight 142..with 6 cheats that u can remember..Haha...its been wonderful I've learned so much about my body and how sugar makes me feel..I will leave with knowing how to eat clean...thank every one with your recipes that you hv shared and the encouraging that kept us was a wonderful journey....KARA THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART..Y SURELY ARE WONDERFUL PERSON..AND YES YES YOUR PROGRAM WORKS....I HOPE TO GROW WITH ALL OF YOU ON FB" - Sarah


"3 months of Kara's plan has paid off! It hasn't been easy but it's absolutely been worth it!  

Starting weight 199 (April 16th)
Today's weight 181. I'm so grateful for a plan for consistency and constant progression for better health. There are too many unhealthy people out there and many in my own family. Thank you Kara for your example! I know many are watching me and I'm excited to be an example to them! I couldn't have done it with out you and everyone else in this group! Let's continue on the right path everyone! Life is too short to not take care of ourselves! Oh and no spray tanner used. All natural sun light! I'm feeling a little more comfortable in my skin." - John


"I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself these last several weeks. My journey wasn’t to lose weight but to build muscle, reduce inflammation from carpal tunnel, boost my immune system and all the other benefits of eating clean keto. I struggled a lot (I love wine🤦🏼‍♀️)! But I always got back on track and I never lost total control. The mental reset was definitely the hardest part for me but the perks were worth the fight. I haven’t felt this good about myself in a very long time and that’s my biggest achievement. Going on vacation and not feeling yucky and/or self conscious was amazing. 
Also, proving to myself that I can eat right and not fall off the wagon after one cheat was a huge deal! I can’t wait for the August challenge to help me stay focused and for added motivation. Thanks for all the support and energy from this group and from Kara!" - Allison

Before and after

"Starting Weight - 145lbs Ending Weight - 127lbs.

Starting Waist Size - 30 inches. Ending Waist Size - 26 inches.

Earlier this year, I learned that I had gained 20 pounds since my stroke. I literally felt like a zombie at the beginning of this year. I was weak, couldn’t move, out of energy, couldn’t think, was slow, and my pain was unreal. If I walked a lap at the park it would take me a week to recover, and for me to get rid of my pain from that lap at the park. I had a hard time walking up stairs because of weakness. Showering and just getting ready to go somewhere was hard. I missed out on many family & friend get togethers because I just didn’t have the energy. I literally felt like I was just existing, and not living. I have fibromyalgia & tachycardia, too, so it just made things even worse on top of everything else.

I can now climb stairs like nothing to it. I can walk laps at the park with no after effects. I can now shower, get ready, and it doesn’t phase me. I have more energy than I did before, and my mind can think better than it did earlier this year. I write these down to show the difference & to show the help that the keto diet has brought into my life. I can now do all of these things so much better. I look forward to it all continuing to improve even more as time goes by.

I am NOW LIVING, and not just existing!

My goal is to continue this healthy lifestyle, and I want to build strength & some muscle! I could never imagine going back to how I was feeling before I started this journey.Thank you to all of you for your help throughout this group journey! Thank you, Kara Leigh!" - Natalie 



"6 weeks into our 8 week challenge and I feel so amazing! Its incredible what just a healthy eating plan can do for you " -